These resources are featured at the back of "Every Parent's Nightmare". Please bookmark this page for the latest up-to-date contact details. 

Important telephone numbers

Childline – 08000 55555
Netcare – 082 911
ER-24 – 084 124
Teddy Bear Clinic (Johannesburg) – 011 484 4554
Teddy Bear Clinic (Soweto) – 011 980 8160
Teddy Bear Clinic (Krugersdorp) – 011 660 3077
TygerBear Foundation (Cape Town) – 021 931 6702 / 6717
TygerBear Foundation (24 Hour Emergency) – 082 994 4301
Bobbi Bear Foundation (KwaZulu-Natal) – 031 903 2424
Stop Gender Violence – 0800 150150
Lifeline National Counselling Line – 0861 322322
Depression and Anxiety Helpline – 0800 567567
Substance Abuse Helpline – 0800 121314
Alcoholics Anonymous National Helpline – 0861 435722
Al-Anon – 0861 25 26 66

Recommended reading
  • Debbie by Debbie Neville
  • The Filthy Lie by Helmut Karl
  • Life beyond Your Pain by Melanie Polatinsky
  • The Sexual Face of Violence: Rapists on Rape by Lloyd Vogel­man
  • The Best-kept Secret – Sexual Abuse of Children by Florence Rush
  • Kids Helping Kids Break the Silence of Sexual Abuse by Linda Foltz
  • Kids Court Support Handbook for Parents from the Teddy Bear Clinic
  • Altar Boy – A story of life after abuse by Andrew Madden
  • Our Fathers: The Secret Life of the Catholic Church in an Age of Scandal by David France
  • Mothers of Incest Survivors by Janice Tylor Johnson
  • How Long Does it Hurt? A guide to recovering from incest and sexual abuse for teenagers by Cynthia L Mather
  • Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks
  • A Sexual Abuse Workbook for Teenage Girls by Lulie Munson
  • ;Invisible Girls – The Truth about Sexual Abuse; A book for teens, young women and everyone who cares about them by Patti Feuereisen
  • The New Sexual Offences Act (www.justice.gov.za/docs/.../2008%2002%20SXOactInsert_web.pdf)

Online resources

SA National Council for Child Welfare


New World, a comprehensive online directory of children’s information and support groups

Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children

TygerBear Foundation for Traumatised Children and Families

Bobbi Bear Foundation


RAPCAN (Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect)

SAP Children’s Corner

Volunteer Child Network, an online database of organisations active in reducing and preventing child abuse

Buddy and Me

Stop Gender Violence

People Opposing Women Abuse

GRIP, counselling and support for rape survivors

Human Rights Commission

Lawyers for Human Rights

FAMSA – family and community support services

Al-Anon for families of alcoholics


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