Every Parent's Nightmare

Author: Bruna Dessena
Publisher: Quickfox Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-620-46292-1

Retail price: R140

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Every Parent's Nightmare is a simple and practical handbook for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who have to deal with a child disclosing sexual abuse. It also helps parents reduce the likelihood of abuse in some instances by explaining the paedophile grooming process and highlighting which children are most at risk of being targeted.


Child abuse has to be one of the greatest evils in any society, a secretive sin that betrays innocence, destroys the essence of childhood, and can cause lifelong emotional pain and dysfunction.

Bruna Dessena has been a child abuse activist for more than 17 years. She was a Childline counsellor for many years, and a trainer and volunteer counsellor at the Teddy Bear Clinic in Johannesburg, where she also worked as a Senior Facilitator helping to prepare children and parents for court. As a parent herself, Bruna knows that every parent’s nightmare is that one day their child might be abused.

How do you deal with that? How do you help your child? What do you do first? What will happen next? What is necessary in terms of the law?

In Every Parent’s Nightmare Bruna answers all these questions and more. She tells you about paedophiles and paedophile rings, including how they groom children over time to gain their trust before they abuse them. She also covers the typical signs of abuse, what makes a child more susceptible to abuse, and then she covers what you need to do should you find out or suspect that your child is being abused. She also explains how children are prepared for court.

Written simply and without undue melodrama, Bruna gives it to you straight.

Recommended for all adults who have children or work with children, this book will help you to deal with the trauma if it’s already happening and to help guard against it happening in the future.

In Every Parent's Nightmare, find out about:
  • the signs of abuse
  • types of abuse
  • the abuser and the grooming process
  • cyber-grooming and cyber-bullying
  • addressing the problem
  • supporting the child
  • the legal process
  • preparing for court
  • tips for keeping children safe

Topics covered by the book

  • The typical abused child: myths; high-risk groups for abuse; abused teenagers
  • The grooming process: how paedophiles gain the trust of their victims
  • The types of abuse: familial and non-familial
  • The abuser: the main types of paedophile; paedophile organisations
  • Cyber-grooming / cyber-bullying: how the internet is used to reach children and what you can do to help protect them
  • Attending to the problem: what to do when a child tells; what to do as a parent; important medical matters; what a teacher can do; detecting abuse
  • The legal route: officers of the court; after the arrest; the trial; evidence
  • How we prepare children for court
  • Keeping children safe: tips for parents on how to keep their children safe so as to prevent the likelihood of abuse
  • The Sexual Offences Act and the Children's Act
  • The Children's Charter of South Africa
  • Resources: important telephone numbers; online resources; recommended reading

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